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Learn to Fly is a microlight flying school in the South West of England specializing in Microlight Flying and Flying Lessons, Trial Flights and Tandem Hang Gliding!

What will you see?

We are based at Henstridge Airfield in Somerset, allowing us to fly in scenic surroundings close to the coast in either a Northerly or Southerly direction.

A normal one hour trial flight to the South takes in the Jurassic Coast from Weymouth to Swanage, the Purbeck Hills, Lulworth Cove, Coref Castle and to Poole Harbour.

If we fly North we can over fly LongLeat, and further west to Glastonbury. To the North East we see the White Horse at Westbury, the rolling hills close to Mere and Stourhead, and to the west the town of Sherborne with its impressive town centre and historic schools.

As we go further west we get to Dunkersellwell in Devon, a great lunch spot for an out and return. However nothing beats a flight along the South coast and a flight to the Isle of Wight is very doable ina couple of hours.


We train on the latest aircraft built to the highest standards in the UK; Appointed as a Main Agent for P & M Aviation in 2007, Learn to Fly has been established since 2002.Ikarus C42 microlight

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Training is currently provided on a GT450, the perfect machine for getting your first experience in a Flexwing. We also operate an Ikarus C42, the modern equivalent of a Cessna.


Our CFI Ian MacAdam has thousands of hours on microlight aircraft, so you can be assured of receiving excellent tuition on your road to becoming a fully fledged microlight pilot.











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We are also a BHPA accredited Tandem Hang Gliding flying school offering air experience flights in one of the best hang gliders on the market today.

atos VX below and getting clipped in

Get clipped in to an Atos VX hang glider side by side with your BHPA Instructor, aerotow to just over 2000ft then release and glide back down, silently and gracefully in the cool breeze.

Hang Gliding is one of those "once in a lifetime" experiences, so experience the thrill of free flying like a bird and see amazing aerial views.

Customer Comments

'I cannot recommend this experience enough, and urge anyone looking for the most amazing time to treat themselves immediately!' Julia C (Microlight Trial Lesson)

'Turning 50 made me promise myself I'd take on 50 challenges, my family started me off with Red Letter Day vouchers and hang gliding proved to be truly amazing! Flying like a bird, wind in my face, able to see for miles - awesome!' Lesley G (Tandem Hang Gliding)

'A real adrenaline rush! Whatever you do DON'T MISS THIS EXPERIENCE!' Barry H (Microlight Trial Lesson)


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Learning to Fly


To gain your NPPL (microlight) you will need a minimum of 25 hours flight training with an accredited CAA Flying Instrucor and pass five ground exams as well as your General Flying Test to obtain your NPPL.

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With the right instructor and a healthy dose of motivation, becoming a fully qualified pilot is well within most people's reach.

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Gift Experiences

wA tandem hang gliding flight or introductory microlight lesson make a superb Flying Gift Experience, and we can send you a personalised voucher to give to your intended recipient.

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Microlighting: 8am - 7pm (Summer) time; 8am - Sunset (Winter)

Please note all flying is subject to weather and normally a minimum group size. Flying during the winter months will be less available than in Summer months.

Hang Gliding: Normally two sessions per month, weekends and some Bank Holidays.

Spring/Summer Flying

w We often fly until sunset and in the summer that means as late as 7pm, so we can take you up after office hours. Flying really is the perfect antidote to a hard day's grind...! Evening flying frequently offers the best flying conditions for both microlighting and tandem hang gliding.

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Autumn/Winter Flying...

w We love flying in the winter. When the conditions are good, it means silky smooth air, low winds and less turbulence - perfect training weather. You'll be wrapped up warm in one of our super snug flying suits, with a cup of tea and a bacon butty in the Cafe to look forward to when you come down.

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